Learn the LinnStrument Core Course:  

More than 4 hours of instruction:  $89  

Facetime/Skype Lessons:

1 Hour Lessons - $50

1/2 Hour Lessons - $27

Payment by Paypal Invoice:

Send me an email to jeffcmoen@gmail.com.  I'll send you a Paypal invoice.  Once I've received payment confirmation I'll send your password to your email.  Your Username is the email address from your Paypal payment.

Money back guarrantee - You have 24 hours to evaluate the method.  If it's not for you, I'll refund your payment.

The Core Course updates are all free.

I'll keep your information private, no spamming, selling etc...

What it is:  This is essentially an online video instruction course with written supporting materials.  You'll also find explanations in written form but the videos are the primary source of information.  So far I've posted more than 250 minutes or more than 4 hours of video.  It's a web-based course so I'll be adding to it without additional cost and trying to make it as understandable and useful as possible.

Note that this course works perfectly for the larger, first LinnStrument with 200 pads. The main elements of the course will work fine for the 128 pads:  chords, melody, chord progressions, coordination...BUT the splits will be tighter. 

Final considerations:

I've been using this approach to music since I started teaching guitar in 1975.  The key is to find songs that you like and apply the method to them.  You don't need to be an Ueber Musician to do the method, just follow the course and go as deep as you want.  There's plenty for the advanced musician and it's simple enough for the beginner.  I've taught myself:  the Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, You Rock Guitar, Harmonic Table, Starrlabs Ztar, Chapman Grand Stick 12 string, ADG 10 string, NS/Stick 8 string, LinnStrument with this method.  It works...see my video examples.

The first videos I shot of the LinnStrument (Song for Sarah, Europa at Guitar Center) were done within a month of purchasing the LinnStrument.

Enjoy the wonders of this fantastic LinnStrument playing chords and melodies to make songs! 

Play Songs - Be Happy,