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The Moen Music Method

"Learn the LinnStrument  

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More than 4 hours of video instruction

Chords, Scales, Chord Progressions, Patterns...everything necessary for Chord/Melody Playing

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Moen Music Method

7 basic chords, 3 basic scales,

7 passing chords = 1,000+ songs

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Latest Videos:

Africa with Starrlabs Gotar & Synthstrom Audible Deluge

Overjoyed with Starrlabs Gotar

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Over the Rainbow with Starrlabs Gotar

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Funky Blue Bossa with LinnStrument

Feels So Good with LinnStrument

Blackbird with LinnStrument 128

It Might Be You with LinnStrument 128


LinnStrument - Chicago Blues

LinnStrument - Europa

LinnStrument - Funky Autumn Leaves

The Chapman Stick - Man in the Mirror

The LinnStrument - Overjoyed

The LinnStrument - Man in the Mirror

The Chapman Stick - On a Clear Day

The LinnStrument - On a Clear Day

LinnStrument - And I Love Her

YouRockGuitar - Africa

Starrlabs Ztar Mini Z - Feels So Good

Warr Guitar - Man in the Mirror

Axis 64 Harmonic Table - Europa