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Moen Music Method

Learn the Linnstrument

Learn the Stick

For Notification of availability, email me at jmoen@mindspring.com

Other Instrument Instruction will be available in 2017:

Starr Labs Ztar

Warr Guitar

You Rock Guitar

Stu Box Guitar

6-7-8 String Guitar/Bass

Axis-64 Harmonic Table


Moen Music Method

(4 basic chords, 10 passing chords + 3 scales= 1,000 songs)

M3 for the Linnstrument

M3 for Bass/Guitar Tunings:  

Chapman Stick, Warr Guitar, Megatar

M3 for Double Guitar Tunings:

Box Guitar

10 String Touchguitars

Guitar Range Tapping Instruments

M3 for Midi Controllers:

Starrlabs Mini Ztar, YouRockGuitar, Harmonic Table

Studio 717 is up and running again!


Latest Video:

The Chapman Stick - Man in the Mirror

The Linnstrument - Overjoyed

The Linnstrument - Man in the Mirror

The Chapman Stick - On a Clear Day

The Linnstrument - On a Clear Day

Linnstrument - And I Love Her

YouRockGuitar - Africa

Starrlabs Ztar Mini Z - Feels So Good

Warr Guitar - Man in the Mirror

Axis 64 Harmonic Table - Europa